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silvia rennie

THANK YOU for producing more vegan recipes! This one sounds terrific and I can't wait to try it. Again, thanks!


We are not vegan, but trying to eat meat sparingly for environmental reasons. This recipe is awesome. We made it as written the first time and used Farro spaghetti. We used a mortar and pestle to grind the peppercorns. Honestly... the only thing wrong with this meal is calling it vegan cacio Pepe. We almost didn’t make it because too many vegan copy cat recipes pail in comparison to the original. We now call it Cashio Pepe in honor of the main ingredients. This is a winner

Elissa Eckman

I would add the nutritional yeast at the end during the step involving the finishing toss so as not to lose the "cheesy" texture and flavor.


I used tahini instead of cashew butter and it was delicious!


Cashew butter can be made from raw or toasted cashews and the flavor profiles are very different. Which is this recipe calling for?


Used miyoko's cultured vegan butter in this and a little follow your heart veg parm and it was BOMB. 15/10!


My husband and I made this last night - BIG WIN. Our food coop offers grind your own nut butters, cashew being one of them, so fresh creamy cashew butter was used and it was delicious. I echo another reader’s thank you to the NYT for offering more vegan recipes.

Peter Stephenson

Be careful with raw cashews (best just avoid them): they contain urushi- the toxin found in poison oak or ivy, and in not insignificant quantities. Cashew poisoning is rare, but if urushi is ingested in high level, it can be deadly, or just painful when in a recipe. So, if you visit store to buy “raw cashews”, check that these nuts are not entirely raw and have actually been steamed. If not, and you still want to use them without roasting, steam them yourself. It actually helps make them tasty.

John Taylor

I squeezed half a lemon into the miso mixture, put a Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage on the side, and washed it down with a glass of red wine. Quick, easy and stunning; I could hardly be more pleased.


Yay! Very excited to see a vegan version of this! Keep those vegan recipes coming! Looking forward to trying this out!


Adding my thanks to the chorus. This non-vegan wants more vegan recipes- Keep them coming!


A warning to other hypochondriacs: fortified nutritional yeast is high in the vitamin B-12. A common side effect of excessive consumption of B-12 is Billie Eilish, 90s-Berlin-club-kid, neon green urine. Thanks to a busy week at work and a dwindling pantry, I made this undeniably delicious pasta recipe 3 times in the last 4 days, becoming perturbed when my normally unremarkable pee transformed into a hue normally found only in glo sticks. Don’t be like me and panic. It’s just the nooch.


This is SO GOOD. I made my own cashew butter by toasting a cup or more of raw cashews in a pan for about 3 min, then soaking them in boiled water for 20min, and blending them (without the water) with the miso and yeast. I only had 8oz of pasta, which I found to be perfect for this amount of sauce. Go crazy on that sauce! (We're not vegan, but love vegan food!)


Delicious recipe but does not keep well if mixed together. (Noodles absorb the sauce and turn dry.) If you want leftovers store the pasta and sauce separately until it’s time to eat.


This is wonderful, thank you! Keep up the vegan recipes, it is much appreciated!


I’m not vegan and you don’t need to be to love this pasta. This recipe is outstanding. I return to it again and again. It is hearty, rich, tasty, and ideal comfort food. Serve with some veggies if you feel like it. Or don’t.


This is one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever made and had (and I LOVE pasta)! The one addition I made was crumbling some toasted pine nuts and chopped, toasted cashews. It added a nice texture and a bit more umami in a dish that’s already exploding with it.


We love this recipe. Requested often and there is never a left overs!

Ann Marie

I use bucatini pasta for this recipe and it is amazing.


Miso is normally fermented with mold, bacteria, and yeast. How is vegan miso fermented?


Is there a vegan pasta people recommend?

Suzanne Dunaway

FANTASTIC recipe. I've just cooked for 3 vegans in August (even chocolate mousse!) and wish I had had this, but am doing it now for anyone. Wonderful using the cashew butter, or almond butter or pine nut butter. Grazie for this.


Suggestions for a cashew butter substitute? My dinner guest has a nut allergy.


Add a few handsful of arugula in just before the end & cook until they wilt. I know it isn't Cacio e Pepe any more but really delicious.


Is there a good nut-free/dairy-free item to use instead of the cashew butter? Thank you.


This is sooooo yummy. Really impressed with the flavor and consistency of the sauce… And also, consuming a ton of nutritional yeast at once can cause a gassy tummy. Plan/adjust accordingly :)

b’s tips

it is 2 ½ cups pasta water. 1 ¾ is way too dry. ignore previous note about using less than 16 oz pasta. just add more than 1 ¾ water


Prepared as written, no substitutions, and it was absolutely delicious!


Made exactly as is and we loved it! Quick, delicious and an easy clean up. Definitely something that should be served as soon as it is ready.


This is amazing and I am non Vegan. The pepper shines through. I cannot wait to make again, it was a hit with everyone. I made a cashew cream over using cashew butter

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Vegan Cacio e Pepe Recipe (2024)


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