Strickland Tracks: a byword for quality in the supply of tracked systems | ITR (2024)

Over the last 20 years Strickland Tracks have grown considerably and continue expanding in the pursuit of quality, on the strength of the high performance of their products in the field.

Founded in 1945, today Strickland Tracks have a production site in Great Britain and two assembly sites in Wuxi (China), and Pune (India). Since the end of the 1990s the company have concentrated exclusively on the design and realization of complete tracked systems, becoming a yardstick in the sector.

The company offer their extensive undercarriage know-how in partnership with TrackOne. The two respective product ranges are complimentary and can provide solutions for all applications. The combined activities of Strickland Tracks and TrackOne ensure the USCO ITR Group is a truly global presence, able to satisfy customer demands anywhere in the world.

An extensive, consolidated, reliable supply service

Over the years the engineering team at Strickland Tracks have developed hundreds of solutions for tracked applications, covering a wide variety of machines in various industrial sectors. Focusing in particular on customer satisfaction, the team have worked tirelessly to deliver a high standard of service and support. This has stimulated company growth, based on excellent integration with customers, product range, reliable delivery and high quality.

Strickland Tracks work hard to provide innovative solutions for their customers, achieving a stable turnover, despite a difficult and volatile market. Thanks to an extensive and consolidated supply chain and significant commitment to maintaining stocks, Strickland Tracks can protect their customers from many of the challenges resulting from globalized supply chains.

A growing company that looks to the future

Strickland Tracks: a byword for quality in the supply of tracked systems | ITR (1)

Company management ethics focused on quality and efficiency proved fundamental for maintaining a lean production model. After securing ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in 2018, Strickland Tracks are now focused on reducing environmental impact, aiming to achieve ISO 14001 by the end of 2022.

Looking towards the future and in response to ongoing market growth, Strickland Tracks are continuing to expand their global production footprint. A new production centre is currently under development in Great Britain, extending company capacity for the production of numerous new product lines in the prospect of new expanding markets. The Pune (India) site will soon be moving to new premises with about four times the floor space they currently have, enabling expansion into the growing local market.

Strickland Tracks are well focused and committed to maintaining their position as market leaders, remaining faithful to their fundamental values and ensuring that their activity evolves in line with the market and OEM customer expectations.

The Strickland Tracks range of frames with steel and/or rubber tracks

Strickland Tracks supply a wide range of standard complete frame systems with steel and/or rubber tracks suitable for numerous machines and applications.

The range of available frames includes the option for customizing track shoes, main frame connection types, motors, and gearboxes.

1. Track shoes

The types available range from standard shoes for excavators of various sizes, to more aggressive shoes for extremely high traction and reduced slippage. Strickland Tracks also offer flat shoes in steel to minimize surface damage from large machines working on asphalt or cement.

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2. Main frame connection types

Strickland Tracks' product range includes various frame connection methods: from easy bolt-on bracketed frames, to unbracketed frames, oscillating frames typical of drilling rigs, all the way to excavator style frames suitable for higher duty cycles and debris clearance.

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3. Motors and gearboxes

Strickland Tracks' options include single or two speed hydraulic plug-in motors, excavator style integrated motors with internal valve, and electric motors in standard formats or customized for specific machines and applications.

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As regards rubber tracks, the Strickland Tracks range concentrates in particular on offering numerous main frame connection types, and specifically

1. Main frame connection types

The options include weld-on frames that allow customers to use their own connection methods and incorporate the track system onto an existing frame, as well as bracketed tracks that reduce assembly time and facilitate machine maintenance. Another easy fitting option are transverse tracks, when the machine can be placed on top and fixed into position. Extendable tracksystems offer great flexibility, allowing machines to move in restricted spaces without compromising stability. Finally, Strickland Tracks provide oscillating track systems, typically used on drilling rigs, and by adding rubber tracks the ground pressure can be reduced without losing traction.

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Strickland Tracks: a byword for quality in the supply of tracked systems | ITR (2024)


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