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RimWorld has a Development Mode that you can access that allows you to create, change, or remove just about anything in your world. RimWorld Console Commands can be used to help you out if you're in a sticky situation or can be used to set up the perfect conditions as you get started.

This page acts as a comprehensive breakdown of all the Best Console Commands that you can use within Development Mode, as well as how to access it in the first place.

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How to Access RimWorld Development Mode

To access Development Mode, head to Options in the Menu (which you can reach via the Toolbar or by pressing the ESCAPE key). In Options, you'll see a toggle for Development Mode that you can tick on or off.

The full list of commands within Development Mode is visible in the image above, displaying the in-game debug menu, though a few specific ones are more widely useful than others. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Incidents
    • Do incident (Map)
    • Do incident x10 (Map)
    • Do incident w/ points (Map)
    • Do trade caravan arrival
    • Execute raid with points
    • Execute raid with faction
    • Execute raid with specifics
  • Quests
    • Generate quest
    • Generate quests x10
    • Generate quests x30
    • Generate quests (1x for each points)
    • QuestPart test
    • Log generated quest savedata
  • General
    • Atlas Rebuild
    • T: Spawn Relic
    • T: Set Source Precept
    • Add Slave
    • T: Hack 100%
    • T: Hack +10%
    • T: Darklight At Position
    • Max Development Points
    • Add Development Point
    • Clear Development Points
    • Destroy All Plants
    • Destroy All Things
    • Destroy Clutter
    • Finish All Research
    • Replace All Trade Ships
    • Add Trade Ship Of Kind
    • Change weather...
    • Play song...
    • Play sound...
    • Add Prisoner
    • Add Guest
    • Force Enemy Assault
    • Force Enemy Flee
    • Adaption Progress10 Days
    • Unload Unused Assets
    • Name settlement...
    • Next Lesson
    • Regen All Map Mesh Sections
    • Change Camera Config
    • Force Ship Countdown
    • Force Start Ship
    • Flash Trade Drop Spot
    • Kill Faction Leader
    • Kill Kidnapped Pawn
    • Kill World Pawn
    • Set Faction Relations
    • Visitor Gift
    • Refog Map
    • Use Gen Step
    • Increment time 1 hour
    • Increment time 6 hours
    • Increment time 12 hours
    • Increment time 1 day
    • Increment time 1 season
    • Storywatcher tick 1 day
    • Add techprint to project
    • Apply techprint to project
    • Kill random Lent Colonist
    • Destroy All Hats
    • Pawn Kind Apparel Check
    • Dump Pawn Atlases
    • Dump Static Atlases
    • Pawn Kind Ability Check
    • T: Glow At Position
    • T: HSV At Position
    • Fill Map With Trees
    • Flash Blocked Landing Cells
    • Award 4 honor
    • Award 10 honor
    • Remove 4 honor
    • Reduce royal title
    • Set royal title
    • T: Destroy
    • T: Discard
    • T: Kill
    • T: 10 damage
    • T: 5000 damage
    • Rotate Clockwise
    • Rotate Counter Clockwise
    • T: Clear area 21x21
    • T: Make rock 11x11
    • T: Explosion (bomb)
    • T: Explosion (flame)
    • T: Explosion (stun)
    • T: Explosion (EMP)
    • T: Explosion (extinguisher)
    • T: Explosion (smoke)
    • T: Lightning strike
    • T: Add Snow
    • T: Remove Snow
    • T: Clear All Snow
    • T: Push heat (10)
    • T: Push heat (1000)
    • T: Push heat (-1000)
    • T: Finish Plant Growth
    • T: Grow 1 Day
    • T: Grow To Maturity
    • T: Regen Section
    • T: Set Color
    • T: Randomize color
    • T: Rot 1 day
    • T: Force Sleep
    • T: Fuel -20%
    • T: Break down...
    • T: Use Scatterer
    • BaseGen
    • SketchGen
    • T: Make Roof
    • T: Delete Roof
    • T: Test Flood Unfog
    • T: Flash Closewalk Cell30
    • T: Flash Walk Path
    • T: Flash Skygaze Cell
    • T: Flash Direct Flee Dest
    • T: Flash Spectators Cells
    • T: Check Reachability
    • T: Flash TryFindRandomPawnExitCell
    • T: RandomSpotJustOutsideColony
    • T: Random Spot Near Thing Avoiding Host
    • Clear All Fog
    • T: Change Thing Style
    • T: Attach Fire
    • T: Flash Shuttle Drop Cells Near
    • T: Enable wound debug draw
    • T: Wound debug export (non-humanlike)
  • Pawns
    • Set Ideo
    • Convert to Ideo
    • T: Suppression +10%
    • T: Suppression -10%
    • T: Clear suppression schedule
    • T: Will +1
    • T: Will -1
    • T: Start slave rebellion (random)
    • T: Start slave rebellion (aggressive)
    • T: Change style
    • T: Request style change
    • T: Make Faction Leader
    • T: Clear Prisoner Interaction Schedule
    • T: Resurrect
    • T: Damage Until Down
    • T: Damage Legs
    • T: Damage To Death
    • T: Carried Damage To Death
    • T: 10 damage until dead
    • T: Damage Held Pawn To Death
    • T: Surgery Fail Minor
    • T: Surgery Fail Catastrophic
    • T: Surgery Fail Ridiculous
    • T: Restore Body Part
    • Apply damage...
    • Add Hediff...
    • T: Remove Hediff...
    • T: Heal random injury (10)
    • T: Activate HediffGiver
    • Activate HediffGiver World Pawn
    • T: Discover Hediffs
    • T: Grant Immunities
    • T: Give Birth
    • T: Resistance -1
    • T: Resistance -10
    • T: +20 neural heat
    • T: -20 neural heat
    • T: List Melee Verbs
    • T: Add/remove pawn relation
    • T: Add Opinion Talks About
    • T: Force vomit...
    • T: Psyfocus +20%
    • T: Psyfocus -20%
    • T: Food -20%
    • T: Rest -20%
    • T: Joy -20%
    • T: Chemical -20%
    • T: Indoors -20%
    • T: Needs misc -20%
    • T: Certainty -20%
    • Set Skill
    • Max Skill
    • T: Max All Skills
    • Mental break...
    • T: Do Voice Call
    • Mental state...
    • T: Stop mental state
    • Inspiration...
    • Give trait...
    • T: Remove all traits
    • Set backstory...
    • Give ability...
    • Give Psylink...
    • T: Remove neural heat
    • T: Give good thought...
    • T: Give bad thought...
    • T: Clear Bound Unfinished Things
    • T: Force Birthday
    • T: Recruit
    • T: Enslave
    • T: Damage Apparel
    • Wear apparel (selected)...
    • Equip primary (selected)...
    • T: Tame Animal
    • T: Train Animal
    • T: Try Develop Bound Relation
    • T: Queue Training Decay
    • T: Display Relations Info
    • T: Display Interactions Info
    • T: Start Marriage Ceremony
    • T: Force Interaction
    • Start Random Gathering
    • Start Gathering
    • T: Start Prison Break
    • T: Pass To World
    • T: Make1 Year Older
    • T: Make1 Day Older
    • T: Try Job Giver
    • T: Try Joy Giver
    • T: EndCurrentJob (InterruptForced)
    • T: CheckForJobOverride
    • T: Toggle Job Logging
    • T: Toggle Stance Logging
    • T: Kidnap colonist
    • T: Face cell (selected)...
    • Add Precept
    • Remove Precept
    • Trigger Date Ritual
    • Add 5 days to obligation timer
    • Remove ritual obligation
    • Generate 200 ritual names
    • T: Set ideo role...
    • T: Make guilty
    • T: Force age reversal demand now
    • T: Reset age reversal demand
    • Draw breach path...
  • Spawning
    • Spawn Complex
    • Remove world pawn...
    • Spawn Pawn
    • Spawn Weapon
    • Spawn apparel...
    • Try place near thing...
    • Try place near thing with style...
    • Try place near stack of 25...
    • Try place near stack of 75...
    • Try place direct thing...
    • Try place direct stack of 25...
    • Try place direct stack of market value...
    • T: Try add to inventory...
    • Spawn thing with wipe mode...
    • Set terrain...
    • Set terrain (rect)...
    • Spawn Mech Cluster
    • T: Make filth x100
    • T: Spawn Faction Leader
    • Spawn world pawn...
    • Spawn thing set...
    • Trigger effecter...
    • Spawn Shuttle
    • Spawn relic
  • Map Management
    • Generate Map
    • Destroy Map
    • Leak Map
    • Print Leaked Map
    • Add Game Condition
    • Remove Game Condition
    • T: Transfer
    • Change Map
    • Regenerate Current Map
    • Generate Map With Caves
    • Run Map Generator
    • Force Reform In Current Map
  • Autotests
    • Make colony (full)
    • Make colony (animals)
    • Make colony (ancient junk)
    • Test force downed x100
    • Test force kill x100
    • Test Surgery fail catastrophic x100
    • Test Surgery fail ridiculous x100
    • Test generate pawn x1000
    • T: Generate Pawns Of All Shapes
    • Check Region Listers
    • Test time-to-down
    • Battle Royale All PawnKinds
    • Battle Royale Humanlikes

RimWorld Development Mode Best Console Commands

The following is a list of some of the Best Console Commands that can be used once inside Development Mode and have a fundamental impact on gameplay.

  • Commands with "T:" temporarily alter mouse behavior, executing the attached command on left click, and canceling it on right click.
  • Commands with "..." tend to open submenus that you can select an option from.
CommandEffectDLC Required
Spawn PawnAllows you to select a moving being from a list. Pawns will spawn in the relevant faction.N/A
T: Spawn Faction LeaderAllows you to spawn the leader of a faction.N/A
T: Spawn Random Faction BaseCreates a faction base at the currently selected location.N/A
Try place direct stack of 25...This will attempt to place a stack of 25 items (that you select from a sub-menu) at the location you indicate.N/A
Change weather...Opens a submenu where a specific weather condition can be set.N/A
Clear All FogClears all fog from the map.N/A
T: ResurrectSelect a corpse to resurrect it, removing all damage.N/A
T: Give BirthSpawns a random pawn age 0.Biotech
Give trait...Gives a chosen pawn a trait that you can select from.N/A
Inspiration...Give a chosen colonist an inspiration that you can select from.N/A
T: Give good thought...Give a selected pawn a temporary +10 mood boost.N/A
T: Give bad thought...Give a selected pawn a temporary -10 mood debuff.N/A
T: RecruitRecruits a selected human to the colony.N/A
T: Tame AnimalTame a selected animal.N/A
T: Train AnimalSet all selected training for a given animal to the maximum level.N/A
Spawn WeaponAllows you to select from a list of all Weapons in the game, and spawn it in.N/A
Spawn apparel...Allows you to select from a list of all Apparel in the game, and spawn it in.N/A

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