Rimworld cheats: All console commands (2024)

Development Mode is Rimworld’s equivalent of developer console commands you can access to modify just about anything in a given playthrough.

Whether you’re trying to salvage a derailed playthrough, spawn a few essential items, or just cheat your way past the tedium of the early-game grind, you’ll most likely find what you need in the plethora of console commands available in Rimworld’s Development Mode.

How to enable Development Mode in Rimworld

Rimworld cheats: All console commands (1)

You can find the option to enable Development Mode under the General tab of Rimworld’s main Options menu. Once enabled, the various tools appear as buttons at the top of your screen.

From left to right, the options are debug log, tweak values, debug actions, debug logging menu, inspector, dev palette, and god mode. While this might seem like a lot, you don’t need to worry about most of it: Unless you’re developing and testing out a mod yourself, the main tools you want are god mode, debug actions, and the dev palette.

God Mode, despite its name, does not automatically make your colonists invincible with maxed-out stats and Needs. Instead, it adds buttons to the Needs and Health tabs allowing you to increase or decrease their individual needs meters as well as remove health conditions like dementia.

Additionally, it enables you to instantaneously build structures at will without the requisite materials. You can also deconstruct anything in the same manner, but God Mode deconstruction leaves behind the materials they’re usually built from as if they had been broken down by your colonists. To truly destroy things with nothing left behind, you need the appropriate command from the debug action menu.

How to use Development Mode Debug Actions in Rimworld

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The debug actions menu is where you’ll find the majority of options to modify your game, from reviving colonists to spawning anomalies like Harbinger trees. The good news is that, unlike conventional console commands, Rimworld’s debug actions are clickable buttons that require no typing or memorization.

The bad news is that there are a lot of them to sift through, and not all of them are immediately self-explanatory. As a basic rule of thumb, debug actions that affect map-wide conditions like weather will go into effect immediately. Otherwise, a selected debug action attaches itself to your cursor so you can select whatever or wherever you want to modify. You can clear debug actions off your cursor with a right-click to return to regular gameplay.

If you’re using debug actions frequently, it can become a huge hassle to cancel a command and then run through the long list again to find the next action you want to use. That’s where the dev palette comes in: If enabled, the dev palette lets you pin certain debug actions to a small window on the top left of your screen for easy access.

The most useful debug actions to pin to your dev palette in Rimworld are:

T: DestroyDestroys the target.
T: KillKills the target.
T: Clear area (rect)Draws a rectangle between two selected points and destroys every object within the rectangle.
T: Make empty room (rect)Draws a rectangle between two selected points and builds a fully roofed and floored room within the rectangle. The room will have a door and is made of wood walls (with no option to change the material).
Edit roof (rect)Draws a rectangle between two selected points and creates the selected roof type within the rectangle.
Change weather…Changes the weather to the one selected in the submenu.
Increment time…Advances game time by the amount selected in the submenu.
T: Grow plant to maturityGrows a selected plant to its harvestable state.
T: Set Quality…Changes the quality of a target to the tier selected in the submenu.
Push heat…Modifies the temperature in a room by the amount selected in the submenu.
T: RecruitRecruits selected target into your colony.
T: Tame animalRecruits selected animal into your colony.
Set skill… / Max skill… / T: Max All SkillsModifies a selected colonist’s skills.
Set passion… / Max Passion… / T: Max All PassionsModifies a selected colonist’s passions.
T: Stop mental stateStops any mental conditions like tantrums, murderous rages, or breakdowns in a selected target.
Inspiration…Gives a target the frenzy or inspired buff selected in the submenu.
T: Give good thoughtGives the target a +10 mood buff that lasts 24 hours. This is found under “Show more actions” in the More debug actions section and is useful for modifying your colonists’ mood meters without using god mode.
T: ResurrectRevives a dead target with full health.
Spawn thing… / Spawn full thing stack…Spawns a single copy or full stack of the item selected in the submenu.
Spawn stack of 25… / Spawn stack of 75…Spawns a stack of 25 or 75 copies of the item selected in the submenu. These actions are found under “Show more actions” in the More debug actions section and is useful for spawning moderate quantities of items instead of full stacks.
Spawn fill area (rect)…Draws a rectangle between two points and fills every tile within the rectangle with a single copy of the item selected in the submenu.
Try spawn stack of market valueSpawns a stack of items equalling the monetary value selected in the submenu. This will be your main money cheat.
Spawn meal with specifics…Spawns a meal with the quality and ingredients selected in the submenu.

All debug action console commands in Rimworld

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If you’re having a hard time finding a specific debug action, you can use the search bar in the top left corner of the menu to narrow things down. As of Rimworld version 1.5, all the debug actions in the base game are:


Do trade caravan arrival…Execute raid with points…Execute raid with factions…
Execute raid with specifics…Do incident (Map)…Do incident x10 (Map)
Do incident w/ points (Map)…Recalculate threat points


Generate quest…Generate quests x#…Generate quests (1x for each points)…
QuestPart test…Log generated quest savedata


Hot reload DefsT: DestroyT: Kill
T: Set FactionChange Camera Config…Increment time…
Clear area (rect)Make empty room (rect)Edit roof (rect)
Fog (rect)Unfog (rect)Finish All Research*
Add techprint to projectApply techprint on projectAdd Trade Ship Of Kind…
Replace All Trade ShipsChange weather…Celestial debugger
Force Enemy AssaultForce Enemy FleeAdaption Progress10 Days
Kill Faction LeaderKill Kidnapped PawnKill world Pawn
Set Faction RelationsVisitor GiftEdit effecter…
Edit Animation…Reveal Hidden DefsT: Discard
T: 10 damageT: 300 damageT: 5000 damage
Explosion…T: Grow plant 1 dayT: Grow plant to maturity
Rotate…T: Set ColorT: Rot 1 day
T: Force sleepT: Break down…T: Check Reachability
T: Change Thing StyleDestroy fireT: Attach Fire
T: Set QualityMeasure Draw SizeMeasure World Distance
T: Draw Attach PointsBenchmark PerformanceT: Compare Line Of Sight
T: Darklight At PositionT: Glow At PositionT: HSV At Position
Add gas…Clear All GasPush heat…
T: Lightning StrikeT: Lightning Strike Delayed…Fill All Gas

* This command will unlock and finish every project in the Research tab, not just the ones currently in progress at your colony.

General options found under “Show more actions”:

Destroy All PlantsDestroy All ThingsDestroy Clutter
Destroy All HatsDestroy All CorpsesUnload Unused Assets
Name settlement…Next LessonForce Ship Countdown
Force Start ShipFlash Trade Drop SpotStorywatcher tick 1 day
Kill Random Lent ColonistFlash Blocked Landing CellsPawn Kind Apparel Check…
Pawn Kind Ability Check…Atlas RebuildDump Pawn Atlases
Dump Static AtlasesT: Test Flood UnfogT: Flash Closewalk Cell30
T: Flash Walk PathT: Flash Skygaze CellT: Flash direct Flee Dest
T: Flash Shuttle Drop Cells NearT: Flash Spectators CellsT: Flash TryFindRandomPawnExitCell
T: RandomSpotJustOutsideColonyT: Random Spot Near Thing Avoiding HostilesT: Enable wound debug draw
Wound debug export (non-humanlike)


Music debuggerTest music fadeout and silencePlay song…
Trigger transition…Play sound…


Add PrisonerAdd GuestT: Damage Until Down
T: Give BirthGive Trait…Give Ability…
T: RecruitT: Tame AnimalAdd Infection Pathway…
T: Change styleT: View render treeT: Make Faction Leader
T: Damage To DeathT: Restore Body PartT: Set Head Type
T: Set Body TypeApply damage…T: Heal random injury
T: Make injuries permanentT: Toggle immunityT: Activate HediffGiver
T:Grant ImmunitiesT: Add/remove pawn relationSet Skill…
Max Skill…T: Max All SkillsSet Passion…
Max Passion…T: Max All PassionsMental break…
Mental state…T: Stop mental stateInspiration…
T: Remove all traitsPlay Animation…T: Force Birthday
T: Toggle RecruitableT: Grow Pawn To MaturityWear apparel (selected)…
Equip primary (selected)…T: Train AnimalT: Try Develop Bound Relation
T: Force InteractionStart Gathering…T: Make +1 year older
T: Make +1 day olderT: Try Job GiverT: Try Joy Giver
T: EndCurrentJob(InterruptForced)T: CheckForJobOverrideT: Toggle Job Logging
T: Log Job DetailsT: Face cell (selected)…T: Set enemy target for (selected)…
T: Progress life stageT: ResurrectInfection pathway debugger
Destroy player animalsAdd Hediff…T: Tend Bleeding Hediffs
T: Will +1T: Will -1T: Clear Prisoner Interaction Schedule
T: Set Graphics DirtyT: Toggle MovementT: Toggle Max Move Speed
Lock Rotation…T: Unlock RotationT: Resistance -1
T: Resistance -10T: Add Opinion Talks AboutSet Backstory…
T: Start Prison BreakT: Pass To WorldT: Kidnap colonist
T: Make guilty

Pawn options found under “Show more actions”:

T: Damage LegsT: Damage Until Incapable Of ManipulationT: Carried Damage To Death
T: 10 damage until deadT: Damage Held Pawn To DeathActivate HediffFiver World Pawn
T: Discover HediffsT: Give good thoughtT: Give bad thought
T: Clear Bound Unfinished ThingsT: Queue Training DecayT: Display Relations Info
T: Start Marriage CeremonyT: Toggle Stance LoggingT: List Melee Verbs
T: Do Voice CallT: Force vomitT: Reset pawn render cache
Draw breach path


Spawn Pawn…Spawn Pawn With Lifestage…Spawn thing…
Spawn full thing stack…Water Emerge Pawn…Spawn fill area (rect)…
Spawn thing with style…Spawn unminified thing…Spawn Weapon…
Spawn apparel…Try spawn stack of market value…Spawn meal with specifics…
T: Spawn Faction LeaderSpawn world pawn…Spawn thing set…
Trigger effecter…Trigger Maintained Effecter…Trigger Maintained Effecter (5s)…
Trigger Maintained Effecter (12s)…Spawn Shutter…Test Deferred Spawner
Create Colonist DuplicateT: DuplicateRemove world pawn…

Spawning options found under “Show more actions”:

Spawn stack of 25…Spawn stack of 75…Try place direct thing…
Try place direct full stack…Try place direct stack of 25…Spawn thing with wipe mode…
TL Make filth x100


T: Use Scatterer…BaseGen…SketchGen…
Set terrain (rect)…Make rock (rect)Spawn Complex…
Add Game Condition…Remove Game Condition…Refog Map
Use Gen Step…T: Regen SectionRegen All Map Mesh Sections
T: Add SnowT: Remove SnowT: Clear All Snow
Destroy MapT: TransferChange Map
Regenerate Current MapGenerate Map With CavesRun Map Generator…
Generate Pocket MapForce Reform In Current MapClear All Fog

Map options found under “Show more actions”:

Generate MapLeak MapPrint Leaked Map
Fill Map With Trees


You will not need to use any of these unless you are testing a mod. These commands are designed to spawn items or trigger events in ways that massively impact your map and may stress your game performance—save before using any of them.

Make colony (full)Make colony (animals)Make colony (ancient junk)
Test force downed x100Test force kill x100Test generate pawn x1000
T: Generate Pawns Of All ShapesCheck Region ListersTest time-to-down
Battle Royale All PawnKindsBattle Royale HumanlikesBattle Royale By Damagetype

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Rimworld cheats: All console commands (2024)


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