Car Dealer GPS Tracking Device List - Best For BHPH (2024)

Publish Date: May 4, 2023

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Car Dealership GPS Tracker: Inventory Management & Repo Made Easy

As a car dealer, you understand the importance of managing inventory and recovering vehicles efficiently. Car dealership GPS trackers offer an innovative solution to streamline these processes, saving you time and money. In this article, we’ll explore the best GPS tracking devices specifically designed for dealerships like yours, whether you’re dealing with in-house financing repossession or lot management. Our comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect GPS tracker to enhance your dealership operations and improve overall security. Now, let’s begin with the most popular GPS device used among BHPH dealerships for vehicle repossession.

Best GPS Tracker For BHPH Car Dealers – Effortless Repo

Best GPS Tracker For Auto Lots 2024

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  • Three Year Battery Life
  • Waterproof Design
  • Simple Wireless Attachment For Easy Vehicle Repo


Buy Here Pay Here GPS (BHPH) is the first vehicle recovery tool designed specifically to help auto dealers safely repo automobiles. The wireless car dealership GPS tracker stands above other car lot GPS trackers such as Linxup and OneStep GPS because BHPH has a 3-year battery life and requires no monthly service fees! Simply attach the waterproof asset tracker to any vehicle in your lot (no installation required), and rest assured if a customer fails to make payments you can quickly and safely recover your property! Using the live GPS tracker is that simple!

The First GPS Asset Tracker Designed For Car Dealers!

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Best Connected Car Tracking Device For Lot Management

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Plug and Play GPS is the first device for car dealers designed specifically for inventory lot management. But how can this car dealer GPS tracking device help your auto dealership? Let us start by examining the features of this powerful fleet management solution!

Plug & Play fleet tracking utilizes OBD2 port technologies to give your BHPH dealership the ultimate in lot management. Simply plug this GPS device to the OBDii port of any vehicle on your car lot and get instant access to it’s location, battery power, fuel levels and more. And what else do we love about this car dealership tracking solution? The ability to customize system alerts. For example, you can receive SMS or email alerts any time one of the cars in your fleet is moved off your lot! Oh and did we mention the GPS device updates every 3 seconds (fastest on the market), and does not require an monthly subscription fees for the first year?

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Top 10 Benefits of Car Dealers Using GPS Trackers

  1. Improved Customer Loyalty: Enhance dealership reputation by offering personalized services and timely maintenance reminders.
  2. Efficient Vehicle Fleet Management: Easily monitor and manage vehicle fleets for optimal resource allocation.
  3. Customizable System: Adapt the GPS solution to meet the unique needs of the dealership and its customers.
  4. Streamlined Tracking for Car Dealers: Stay connected to vehicle locations and statuses for better oversight.
  5. Support for BHPH Dealerships: Minimize risks associated with high-risk loans and improve asset recovery.
  6. Advanced Auto Tracking: Leverage GPS technologies to accurately track vehicles in real-time.
  7. Comprehensive Tracking Solution: Partner with finance companies to protect assets and streamline operations.
  8. Faster Recovery Times: Quickly locate and recover valuable assets in case of theft or nonpayment.
  9. Enhanced Asset Tracking: Ensure the security and proper use of dealership vehicles with connected car technology.
  10. Effective Theft Recovery: Utilize GPS tracking devices for cars to recover stolen vehicles and minimize losses.

Why Car Dealerships Use GPS Tracking Devices

You may not realize it, but there’s a covert form of tracking occurring every day—real-time GPS tracking of vehicles that are still technically owned by a car dealership or financing group. Car dealership GPS tracking devices are becoming increasingly popular on used car lots, especially for buy here pay here immobilizers.

Imagine walking into a car dealership to purchase a new vehicle. You’re likely met by eager salespeople trying to get you to sign on the dotted line. In fact, the auto dealer might even work with you if you have no down payment or a poor credit score. However, car dealerships providing their own vehicle financing are well aware of the risks associated with offering credit to customers with credit scores below 650. They also recognize the prevalence of high-risk loans and the uncertainty of customers making monthly car payments. To boost sales and work with customers lacking a down payment or high credit score, dealerships turn to GPS vehicle trackers to protect financed vehicles.

Although a customer may have signed the paperwork and driven the vehicle off the lot, they don’t technically own it. Ownership comes once the loan is fully paid off and the title is received. Real-time GPS trackers have become so widespread that many used car dealerships now use tracking devices in case they need to repo a vehicle due to nonpayment.

Top 4 Spots Where Car Dealers And Finance Companies Hide GPS Trackers

Used car dealers increasingly rely on GPS vehicle tracking systems to recover vehicles from owners who fall behind on payments. With the rise in high-risk auto loans, dealerships need additional measures to protect their investments. Independent car dealers often provide financing, allowing customers with varying credit histories to purchase vehicles. The dealership retains the vehicle title while the customer makes monthly payments. Once the vehicle is paid off, the customer receives the title and full ownership. However, when customers default on payments, dealerships must repossess the vehicle. That’s where real-time vehicle tracking systems come into play. But where do car dealerships put GPS trackers

Assuming the risk and liability for financing, car dealers now capitalize on the affordability of buy here pay here immobilizer systems. These GPS tracking systems simplify vehicle repossession. Dealers can access the vehicle’s real-time location, enabling them to efficiently regain possession. They typically install used car dealership GPS trackers in the following locations:

  • OBD2 Port (on-board diagnostic port)
  • Hard-wire connection to the 12-volt system behind the dashboard
  • Hard-wire connection to the 12-volt system under the steering column
  • Connected to the car battery under the hood of the vehicle

Dealerships must minimize risk when providing loans to numerous individuals. Before GPS tracking devices, vehicle repossession could take days, weeks, or even months. Now, dealers can quickly locate vehicles in default and use the tracker’s starter disable feature to ensure the vehicle remains stationary. GPS tracking systems have revolutionized the repossession process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do GPS Car Tracking Devices Help With Repossession For In-House Financing Dealerships?

Yes, GPS car tracking devices significantly assist in-house financing dealerships with vehicle repossession. These devices provide real-time location information, making it easier for BHPH dealers to recover vehicles when customers default on their payments. With the aid of GPS technologies, recovery times are reduced, allowing dealers to protect their valuable assets more efficiently.

Does CarMax Use GPS Tracking For Car Repo?

It is not explicitly stated whether Carmax uses GPS tracking devices for repossession purposes. However, it’s worth noting that many auto dealerships, especially those dealing with in-house financing or high-risk loans, often employ tracking devices for cars to help with vehicle recovery. In fact, if you fail to make your payment, they can use the real time GPS data to quickly find and repo your vehicle! These GPS tracking systems offer theft recovery, fleet tracking, and stolen vehicle protection, making them popular choices for dealership tracking.

Are Franchise Dealers Also Using GPS Trackers For Car Management?

Yes, franchise dealers are increasingly using GPS trackers for car management. These tracking solutions provide both dealers and finance companies with invaluable insights into vehicle usage, location, and condition. Such information can be vital for maintaining inventory control, optimizing operations, and minimizing risks related to theft or misuse.

Can BHPH Dealers Benefit From Dealership GPS Tracking Devices?

Definitely! Dealership GPS tracking devices are particularly beneficial for BHPH dealers, as they provide critical asset tracking and recovery capabilities. By implementing GPS solutions, BHPH dealers can effectively manage auto tracking, ensure timely repossession when necessary, and safeguard their investments. The use of these devices streamlines operations and significantly improves overall efficiency for the dealer.

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